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Hey everyone! Thought you'd like to check my campaign at
Cheers a lot! ;)

End of The Station 2012: An IndieGoGo Campaign

Intrusion 2 Free Steam Keys!!!

2012-09-14 09:12:35 by Android-Music

Ok so...

Get both the game and the soundtrack just for $6(normally it's $14 or so) or more and get FREE STEAM KEY - only 10 left -


Intrusion 2 Free Steam Keys!!!

OMG! Intrusion 2 is out!!!

2012-07-14 17:02:05 by Android-Music
Updated - the demo - full game
- soundtrack

This is AWESOME!

OMG! Intrusion 2 is out!!!

As the title says :) My music there btw :)
All events on !

Dune: Rocking The Arrakis

2012-01-24 19:56:42 by Android-Music

I decided to make a metal tribute to a famous SEGA game "Dune:The Batlle For Arrakis" soundtrack! /467823
Do you think it souds EPIC??? Then you might support me by throwing a buck or two at (this is an IndieGoGo page) :D

Dune: Rocking The Arrakis

Check this out -

After watching how indie world lives for a coup years I decided to make a humble contribution, a metal album devoted to 5 very awesome games - Aquaria, Braid, Overgrowth, Super Meat Boy and Machinarium. But as many other people I need some support so I put up a project on for funding. Of course there will be not only those 5 tracks, some bonus tracks and extra content will also be included Well, hello there! so if you like the idea, welcome to my project! If you have any questions about the project, ask, I'll be glad to answer!

Madness Day!

2010-09-22 06:30:19 by Android-Music

Hell Yeaaaaah, check 'dis out -

IndiePub Contest!!!

2010-08-01 09:26:59 by Android-Music

Hey people! I decided to take a part in IndiePub contest -
and submitted the demo of my first game I'm currently working on. Well the game is not that awesome, there are some glitches and pretty poor gameplay but if you help me by registering on and voting on my game at dyr , you will help me to win some money and make the full game way more rich and get rid of most bugs! Cheers!

Super Meat Boy!

2010-07-14 18:19:34 by Android-Music

I wrote a song about one of the awesomest(yeah, awesomest, I know what did I say) upcoming games!
Just listen! /347859

Super Meat Boy!